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Feedback Walk
⚒ | $ | ⏲ | The aim of the feedback walk is to foster a respectful and trusting relationship as well as the personal growth of both conversation partners. A varied environment and outdoor activity lead to a relaxed atmosphere and helps in gaining distance from day-to-day business and embracing a new perspective.

Feedback Walk: Comvation
As part of the pilot for the Toolkit: Women & Diversity in Innovation, Comvation has set itself the goals of offering employees different perspectives and further developing diversity in its teams. The SME eliminated traditional employee appraisals some time ago. Instead, regular “feedback walks” support employees in their personal development and contribute to effective networking among staff.

Ideas Board
⚒ | $ | ⏲ | The ideas board serves as an open forum for recording spontaneous ideas, making suggestions for change, and initiating constructive dialogue. Employees who tend to hold back in meetings due to time constraints or uncertainty have an additional opportunity to provide input and express their opinions freely. As a result, this variety will eventually lead to entirely new innovation plans and programs.

Internal Networks
⚒⚒ | $ | ⏲⏲ | Corporate networks with a professional and/or social focus create a protected framework for specific diversity groups to exchange ideas and support each other. In addition, events and activities strengthen the sense of belonging and increase employees’ commitment to the organization. Over time, internal networks contribute to a culture of openness and a trusting work climate.

⚒ | $ | ⏲⏲ | Mentoring supports members of certain diversity groups in development processes and their career paths. Internal mentors can connect their mentees with helpful contacts within the organization. On the other hand, external mentors can advise mentees on personal and professional career-related issues and are invaluable when dealing with sensitive topics.

Open Networks
⚒ | $ | ⏲⏲ | Especially for women, there are already several professional networks in Switzerland with which one can connect. Depending on the network, membership is open to individuals and/or entire organizations as “corporate members”. In addition to an information and communication platform, they often organize regular events for social and professional exchange.

⚒ | $ | ⏲⏲ | Peer-mentoring groups offer employees at the same level a valuable opportunity for mutual exchange and support. The regular meetings help members of different diversity groups to develop their potential and use it for innovation. Outside-the-box thinking is promoted, and expertise is constantly communicated and applied.

Promoting Psychological Safety
⚒ | $ | ⏲ | “Psychological safety” allows members of an innovation team to work and learn without discomfort. This is an essential pre-condition for personal growth and outstanding performance. A “psychologically safe” working environment prevents harmful group dynamics such as “groupthink” from arising and thus leads to better decisions and a broader range of ideas.

Topic Table
⚒ | $ | ⏲ | A topic table in the lounge area offers various interest groups the opportunity to get together in a relaxed setting. Employees who might hardly meet each other in other circumstances can thus discover common interests and exchange ideas. The meetings at the topic table strengthen the sense of community and create a context for spontaneous, innovative ideas and projects.