Feedback Walk




Participants: Employees of all levels


This is a regular conversation, taking place perhaps once a month, between two team members at the same level or in a supervisory relationship. In their everyday work, the interlocutors should have frequent contact with one another. Ideally, the discussion takes place during a walk in a friendly, peaceful location outside the typical working atmosphere, such as in a park near the company building. However, depending on personal preferences, mobility issues, and weather conditions, the conversation can also happen in a café. Both parties should plan about half an hour for the walk. On the walk, they should follow these rules:


  •  One person speaks or provides feedback in the first half; the other person does so in the second half.
  • Those who receive feedback listen actively, without interrupting, commenting, or justifying themselves.
  • Every feedback consists of three positive points and three constructive recommendations for future growth or change.
  • Feedback is easier to understand if it is linked to specific observations (“the other day in the team meeting you said...”) and personal experiences (“for example, it helped me...”) as opposed to general statements and speculations.


The aim of the feedback walk is to foster a respectful and trusting relationship as well as the personal growth of both conversation partners. The conversation’s relatively standardized format encourages equal distribution of speaking time. Moreover, it enables (in)visible hierarchies and job assignments in daily work to fade. A varied environment and outdoor activity lead to a relaxed atmosphere and helps in gaining distance from day-to-day business and embracing a new perspective.