Topic Table

Image by Ingo Joseph on Pexels




Participants: Employees of all levels


At the “topic table”, all kinds of interest groups can exchange ideas with one another. The organizer should reserve the largest table in the lounge area as a topic table at certain recurring times (for example, every Wednesday after 5 p.m.). The reservation needs to be integrated into the existing calendar or room booking system and available to all employees. Also, the meetings will be open to all and without prior registration. Almost anything can become a topic in terms of content, from enthusiasm for a particular sport to a musical activity to sharing travel experiences. Certain diversity characteristics will sometimes be more prominent depending on the topic, while others will be more mixed.


A topic table in the lounge area offers various interest groups the opportunity to get together in a relaxed setting. Employees who might hardly meet each other in other circumstances can thus discover common interests and exchange ideas. The meetings at the topic table strengthen the sense of community and create a context for spontaneous, innovative ideas and projects.