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Junior Staff Development
⚒⚒ | $$ | ⏲⏲ | Organizations actively contribute to the increase and diversification of their talent pool by purposefully promoting young talent, and they establish themselves as an inclusive employer by doing so. Supporting young talent from underrepresented and/or socially disadvantaged diversity groups broadens their professional opportunities and empowers them in pursuing self-determined careers.

Personality-Based Selection
⚒⚒ | $ | ⏲⏲ | The term “personality” refers to characteristics of behavior and experience that are stable over time and play an increasingly important role in complex activities in the form of “soft skills”. By using their individual character strengths, employees can optimize and further develop their innovative potential. Personality-based recruitment helps to mitigate the negative effects of unconscious stereotyping and prejudices linked with specific diversity characteristics.

Project Market Place
⚒⚒ | $ | ⏲⏲⏲ | An in-house “project marketplace” combines the flexibility and autonomy of job-gigging platforms with the advantages of permanent employment relationships. The internal competition for the most exciting projects motivates employees to develop themselves, increasing their work engagement and satisfaction continuously.

Unconscious Bias Training
⚒⚒ | $$ | ⏲⏲ | “Unconscious bias” describes unconscious prejudices that all people have. Unconscious bias training supports key personnel in the fields of innovation and HR in making informed decisions and clearly justifying them. Ultimately, this contributes to greater diversity in the workforce and helps to establish transparent promotion processes.