Representing Diversity in Advertising & PR

Image by Pixabay on Pexels



Timeframe: ⏲⏲

Participants: Communications & Marketing


Those in charge of Communications and Marketing should ensure that the company’s socio-cultural diversity is reflected relatively in external media when producing content or commissioning media professionals.

This applies to advertising or editorial articles in print and online media, job portals, the organization’s official website, and social media platforms. Especially in an image campaign, people of different gender, age, and skin color should be equally visible in critical positions. When creating content, it is crucial to consider a few aspects which differ between placing illustrations and written statements. Apart from the actual content, the size and the placement of images matter most, whereas for written information, the scope and their relevance should be equally represented.

In addition, those in charge of corporate design can include the fair representation of diversity in their guidelines.


A balanced representation of diversity in external media promotes a progressive image of the organization and attracts a broader, more diverse audience. An inclusive brand image will help to grow new user groups while increasing the satisfaction of existing customers.

Moreover, a progressive public image also plays an essential role in employer branding. Employers signal to potential new employees that different diversity groups are welcome and equally represented by making diversity visible in the workplace. These measures will result in a more comprehensive, more diverse, and higher quality pool of applicants in the long run.