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Diverse Representation at Events
⚒ | $ | ⏲ | Employees or managers who represent their organization at internal and external events, such as panel discussions, recruiting events or trade fairs, should be selected as broadly as possible in terms of various diversity characteristics such as gender, generational affiliation and origin. Diverse representation sends an important signal to existing and potential new employees and contributes in a convincing way to inclusive employer branding.

Diversity in External Communication: Merkle
As part of the pilot for the Toolkit: Women & Diversity in Innovation, Merkle set itself the goal to establish diversity in external communication and increase its visibility. Therefore, Merkle revised the existing guidelines for gender-sensitive language. Likewise, the visual language in external communication such as on the company’s website and in job advertisements was reviewed self-critically regarding diversity.

Diversity in Recruitment Channels
⚒ | $ | ⏲ | Openings should be advertised internally and externally to attract the best individuals and ensure that the workforce is as diverse as possible. Disseminating inclusive job profiles across multiple recruiting channels targets different diversity groups and attracts the largest possible pool of applicants.

Inclusion in Internal Communication: Merkle
Managers at Merkle take on the role of coaches and maintain a professional and personal exchange with employees in the form of weekly feedback meetings. The intranet has developed into a transparent exchange platform that resembles a social network. In addition, Merkle has initiated several targeted measures to promote inclusion in HR management and internal communications.

Inclusive Design of Job Profiles
⚒ | $ | ⏲ | Openings must be advertised internally and externally to attract the best individuals and ensure that the workforce is as diverse as possible. The consistent use of inclusive language and communication through multiple recruiting channels attracts the most diverse pool of candidates possible.

Internal Awareness Campaign
⚒⚒⚒ | $$ | ⏲⏲ | An internal awareness campaign will send a strong message about the importance of diversity in innovation. It can help make different diversity groups visible and promote an inclusive culture in innovation.

Manual for Inclusive Language
⚒⚒ | $ | ⏲ | An inclusive language manual will ensure fair representation of various diversity groups in both external and internal communications as part of corporate communications. The publishing of the guide leads to the company’s brand image being seen as relevant and credible in the eyes of customers and partners.

Official Diversity Statement
⚒ | $ | ⏲ | With an official diversity statement, the executive board and management of the organization take a clear position in favor of an inclusive culture. This declaration sends an invaluable message to workers, emphasizing the importance of diversity – not least in innovation – and encouraging them to support corresponding measures.

Open Networks
⚒ | $ | ⏲⏲ | Especially for women, there are already several professional networks in Switzerland with which one can connect. Depending on the network, membership is open to individuals and/or entire organizations as “corporate members”. In addition to an information and communication platform, they often organize regular events for social and professional exchange.

Representing Diversity in Advertising & PR
⚒ | $ | ⏲⏲ | A balanced representation of diversity in external media promotes a progressive image of the organization and attracts a broader, more diverse audience. An inclusive brand image will help to grow new user groups while increasing the satisfaction of existing customers. Moreover, a progressive public image also plays an essential role in employer branding.

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