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Core Protocols
⚒⚒ | $ | ⏲⏲ | “Core Protocols” is a collection of best practices that enable individuals, teams, and entire organizations to communicate openly and effectively with one another. Each Core Protocol consists of a simple set of communication and behavior rules. Core Protocols, when used correctly, facilitate constructive problem-solving while allowing more rational and fast decision-making.

Flexible Working Conditions: Comvation
The choice of flexible working times and locations in particular support employees in managing their professional tasks and family commitments. With coworking spaces, Comvation provides its employees with additional space that enables focused work close to their homes. In line with greater flexibility in working times, the general core hours in which availability is expected have been adjusted and adapted to individual working styles regarding the respective activity.

Flexitime & Flexiplace
⚒ | $ | ⏲⏲ | Innovative work generally demands a high degree of creativity and initiative from employees. Flexible working hours (“flexitime”) and locations (“flexiplace”) allow them to adapt work conditions to their individual needs. These options should be equally accessible to all employees unless their job requires fixed hours of attendance.

Inclusive Agile Manifesto
⚒ | $ | ⏲ | Based on the “agile manifesto” concept for software development, a diverse team jointly develops an “inclusive agile manifesto” for its own industry branch. The team should include members from as many different diversity groups, departments, and hierarchy levels as possible. The result should be made available as an internal document and put into an appealing visual form at the workplace.

Project Market Place
⚒⚒ | $ | ⏲⏲⏲ | An in-house “project marketplace” combines the flexibility and autonomy of job-gigging platforms with the advantages of permanent employment relationships. The internal competition for the most exciting projects motivates employees to develop themselves, increasing their work engagement and satisfaction continuously.

⚒⚒ | $ | ⏲⏲ | "Scrum" is a complex framework for the self-organization of teams, which is applied to complex development tasks. As an "agile" organization of project groups, Scrum is widely used in the area of technical innovations, but can also be used for other innovation goals. Scrum enables a transparent design and an efficient implementation of innovation processes, which are often iterative.

Variable Workloads
⚒ | $ | ⏲⏲ | A variable workload allows employees with family obligations or voluntary commitments to manage their working time in a self-determined manner and reduces conflicts between different areas of life. By taking individual lifestyles and work patterns into account, employees’ productivity and willingness to take responsibility increases, and with it their innovation potential.