Thinktank: Diversity & Innovation

Image by Canva Studio on Pexels

Effort: ⚒⚒


Timeframe: ⏲⏲

Participants: Employees of all levels


The thinktank should be open to all employees who would like to get involved in diversity. It can be formally established as an internal working group, posted as a project on the company’s internal job-gigging platform, or arise spontaneously from an ideas competition. The team ideally forms on its own and is diverse in terms of different characteristics. The thinktank meets regularly to generate and implement new project ideas around diversity in innovation. At least some of the meetings take place during working hours. Any resulting projects should involve the workforce as comprehensively as possible and become part of existing processes and workflows.


A thinktank on diversity in innovation drives change processes from within the organization. Integrating diversity and innovation into existing processes and workflows, the organization has a sustainable and forward-looking way of learning (“triple-loop learning”) and promotes an inclusive and innovative corporate culture. Moreover, the thinktank increases the visibility of different diversity groups in the company and strengthens the sense of belonging in the workforce.