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Collective Profit-Sharing
⚒ | $ | ⏲⏲ | Collective profit-sharing helps to avoid such erroneous incentives and instead encourages behaviors that contribute to the company’s long-term success. Combined with sustainable corporate goals, this provides a positive form of internal competition that promotes cooperation and knowledge sharing, which drives innovation.

Diverse Representation at Events
⚒ | $ | ⏲ | Employees or managers who represent their organization at internal and external events, such as panel discussions, recruiting events or trade fairs, should be selected as broadly as possible in terms of various diversity characteristics such as gender, generational affiliation and origin. Diverse representation sends an important signal to existing and potential new employees and contributes in a convincing way to inclusive employer branding.

Diverse Representation in Decision-Making Bodies
⚒⚒ | $ | ⏲⏲⏲ | Important committees and decision-making bodies, such as the executive board and board of directors, often form homogenous groups regarding social and cultural characteristics. Intentionally diverse recruitment for influential positions may avoid the negative consequences of a group dynamic in homogeneous groups (e.g., “groupthink”). Diversely composed decision-making bodies are more likely to make more reasonable long-term decisions and react quickly to changes.

Diversity Dashboard: Merkle
As part of the pilot for the Toolkit: Women & Diversity in Innovation, one of Merkle’s goals is to optimize its internal “calibration process”, which incorporates objective performance criteria and multiple perspectives in promotion decisions. The “diversity dashboard” is a monitoring tool that provides transparency on the distribution of key parameters such as part-time work or management responsibility linked to diversity characteristics.

Reporting and Appraisal
⚒⚒ | $ | ⏲⏲⏲ | Implementing safe reporting mechanisms and early and transparent processing of incidents within the organization contributes to an inclusive and trusting working climate. It also prevents harmful behavior and protects whistleblowers and employees affected by discrimination or harassment from possible negative consequences beyond the original incident.

Thinktank: Diversity & Innovation
⚒⚒ | $ | ⏲⏲ | A thinktank on diversity in innovation drives change processes from within the organization. Integrating diversity and innovation into existing processes and workflows, the organization has a sustainable and forward-looking way of learning (“triple-loop learning”) and promotes an inclusive and innovative corporate culture. Moreover, the thinktank increases the visibility of different diversity groups in the company.

Thinktank Diversity & Innovation: Volvo
As part of the pilot for the Toolkit: Women & Diversity in Innovation, Volvo Car Switzerland AG has set itself the goal to develop diverse teams and increase employees’ understanding of the role of diversity in innovation and creative performance. To help achieve this, the company has formed a “thinktank” of committed employees to plan and implement appropriate measures.