Official Diversity Statement

Image by Scott Graham on Unsplash




Participants: Executive Board & Management


In the context of an overall strategy for diversity in the innovation sector, an official “Diversity Statement” refers to the company’s existing mission statements and the specific measures that are already initiated or will be introduced soon. The message should be written consistently in inclusive language and explicitly name all diversity dimensions relevant to the company. All members of the executive board and management must acknowledge and commit to its contents. A diverse composition of signatories increases the credibility and authenticity of the statement.

Employees should have access to the statement at all times and it should be made available through internal channels. The statement may be used at the beginning of the diversity and inclusion guidelines that employees receive upon joining the company. Its effect can be strengthened by means of a video statement as part of an internal awareness campaign. However, the executive board and management should also publish the official diversity statement on the company’s own social media accounts and/or on its website.


With an official diversity statement, the executive board and management of the organization take a clear position in favor of an inclusive culture. This declaration sends an invaluable message to workers, emphasizing the importance of diversity – not least in innovation – and encouraging them to support corresponding measures. An official diversity statement also promotes positive employer branding and reinforces an inclusive brand image.