Job-Sharing & Top-Sharing



Timeframe: ⏲⏲

Participants: Employees of all levels, Management


In job sharing, a full-time position and the responsibilities that go with it are divided between two people. The term “top sharing” refers to sharing a management position. HR managers should determine the best setting (scope of individual workloads, type of contract, and task sharing) in close consultation with the employees involved.

Particularly in demanding activities, as are often found in the innovation sector, strict task sharing (job splitting) is often tricky, as tasks are highly interdependent. Particularly in the initial period, this can lead to a slight loss of productivity. To ensure an optimal division of tasks and responsibilities, planning enough time for each handover is crucial.


Employers who post job openings on job-sharing sites have access to a broader and more diverse pool of highly qualified candidates. Job sharing allows workers in the innovation field to take on challenging tasks while still balancing their work and personal lives. Mutual representation requires a greater degree of information transfer and highly specified processes. This necessity contributes to standardizing repeated processes by improving the flow of information in general. Job sharing will assist rapidly rising businesses in scaling and lowering the cost of short-term outages.

“Top sharing” also allows for the inclusion of more diverse backgrounds in senior positions. When two individuals from different diversity groups share a leadership position, their interactions will result in more inclusive decisions that are more widely accepted in the workplace.

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