Ideas Board

Image by AbsolutVision on Unsplash




Participants: Employees of all levels


An “ideas board” can be implemented as a physical pinboard or as part of a digital solution (e.g., as an internal communications app). A pin-up board should be placed in an accessible and frequently used area (e.g., coffee corner) at a visible and easily accessible height to all employees. The digital version should also be accessible to all employees and easy to find. If necessary, it can include an option for writing anonymous contributions. The topic or purpose of the idea board should be communicated in advance and made visible on the board itself.


The ideas board serves as an open forum for recording spontaneous ideas, making suggestions for change, and initiating constructive dialogue. Employees who tend to hold back in meetings due to time constraints or uncertainty have an additional opportunity to provide input and express their opinions freely. Ideally, workgroups take suggestions from the board, discuss them regularly in meetings and follow up on promising ideas. As a result, this variety will eventually lead to entirely new innovation plans and programs.