Diversity in Education and Training

Image by Leon on Unsplash


Internal and external training and continuing education programs should include diversity aspects to raise awareness among teachers, managers, and employees and support them in developing their diversity competence. This is also key for the field of innovation. When selecting and designing teaching materials or didactic materials and methods, it is essential to pay attention to diversity and inclusive language. All diversity groups should have access to the same training and continuing education opportunities according to their department and level. To increase diversity in the innovation sector, it can certainly be beneficial to address underrepresented diversity groups with the training explicitly offered.

However, diversity is not only relevant regarding the content of education and training programs. Teachers and coaches also serve as role models. To a certain extent, they can directly influence the personal development of their students. Therefore, a diverse composition of teaching and training staff is of considerable importance when it comes to offering the greatest possible variety of role models in education.