Checklist: Gender & Diversity in Research & Development

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Participants: Project managers and executives


Checklist: Gender & Diversity in Research & Development
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Checklist - Gender & Diversity in Resear
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In companies, universities, and non-university research institutions, findings from research and development

(R&D) are often the source for innovations. Including gender and diversity issues when designing

interview questions, searching for theoretical perspectives, choosing methodological procedures,

and interpreting data often help us gain new insights and create innovative solutions. When integrating

gender and diversity issues into the planning, realization, and evaluation of research and development

projects, scientists from all disciplines can use a checklist to reflect on their approach step by step.


The integration of gender & diversity issues can potentially enrich all R&D projects. Not infrequently, it

is even indispensable: for example, an analysis of urban mobility must include the specific needs of

women and men to find meaningful mobility solutions. In other fields of research, such as analysis of

the effects and side-effects of medicines, it can even be vital to include the gender, ethnicity, or age of

the subjects. A well-informed approach also pays off in terms of meeting research funding criteria and

safeguarding the quality of research and development.