Checklist: Gender & Diversity in Education and Training

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Participants: Teachers with prior training


Checklist: Gender & Diversity in Education and Training
Checklist - Gender & Diversity in Educat
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Teaching activities in education can be designed in a diversity-sensitive manner with relatively little effort. This can be accomplished by using checklists from the field of academic teaching.

These checklists support teachers in approaching all participants equally, independent of their gender, age, origin, or other characteristics, which encourages diversity awareness. Teachers should have access to checklists as well as additional information on diversity in the innovation field. The use of the checklist assumes prior knowledge of the subject, perhaps from a previous diversity competence training.


Diversity competence among teachers leads to significant effects on their students. A checklist on diversity helps teachers with prior knowledge to design their lessons inclusively and to encourage their students to think critically. They, in turn, bring the competencies acquired in the classroom into their professional activities and generate innovation and change. Of course, the checklist cannot replace a deeper examination of role models, stereotypes, and prejudices, but it can be a helpful supplement. It facilitates the implementation of inclusive language and increases the visibility of different diversity groups in the classroom.

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