Innovation Culture

Creating a Trusting Working Environment
“Psychological safety” has emerged in various studies as one of the most critical success factors for teams that manage complex problems. Teams with a high level of psychological safety communicate openly and work in an atmosphere free of fear. This also includes a transparent and positive error culture, which perceives and uses errors as learning opportunities for the entire team without triggering blame or feelings of shame.

Developing a Shared Value System
A shared value system strengthens cohesion and makes it easier for employees to prioritize their tasks, even under time pressure. Once the team culture has been formed and established in everyday working life, it is difficult to change it. Therefore, it is worth thinking about values and developing a shared value system in the initial phase of an innovation project.

Innovation "Bottom-Up"
Processes that strengthen employee participation in developments and decisions can promote innovation “from below” and enrich and complement the work of development teams. Involving the entire workforce in brainstorming and implementing development projects fosters cohesion, increases employee engagement, and reinforces their perception of doing something meaningful.