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The Swiss LGBTI Label is a seal of quality for companies, organizations, and educational institutions committed to including lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, and intersex (LGBTI for short) people in Switzerland. The label is awarded based on self-declaration and submission of appropriate documents as proof. The online questionnaire is available in suitable versions for companies of different sizes. An independent evaluation commission verifies the information based on the verification documents and issues its recommendation for the label's award based on standardized criteria.

Together with the decision on the award of the Swiss LGBTI Label, organizations receive a detailed report on the results. This report shows the organization's specific strengths and areas for improvement and provides specific suggestions for further development. The Swiss LGBTI Label is awarded annually and is valid for three years from the award date.


Inclusive working conditions play a crucial role in enabling LGBTI employees to develop their full potential. The inclusion of LGBTI users in all phases of product development and external communication leads to a more sustainable commitment of this target group.

Organizations that carry the Swiss LGBTI label send a clear signal internally and externally to include people whose sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender characteristics differ from most of the population. The title increases the credibility of an inclusive image, especially as an employer brand.

Access to the most diverse pool of skilled workers also generates a competitive advantage in the job market for the innovation sector. A discrimination-free work environment also reduces turnover.

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