Participants: Employees of all levels


With a speed-dating session, this internal company event is a perfect environment for networking with a diverse group of employees from within the organization. A sufficiently large event room or even the company cafeteria can serve as the venue. Set up two rows of chairs across from each other, evenly spaced. Members of the same department or group are on the same side of the row of chairs. All pairs begin and end their conversations at a set start and stop signal. The duration of a conversation depends on the number of participants and the total time available (usually 3 to 5 minutes). There may be suggested opening questions on the seats to make it easier to get started. At the end of each round, one row moves up a position, while the other remains seated.


In-house “speed-dating” as a networking measure makes the most sense when two or more groups in the company tend to have little to do with each other in everyday life. In many cases, there is a connection between organizational units and specific diversity characteristics such as age, origin, gender, or educational background. When meeting informally, the different groups get to know each other and share their experiences. These interactions can be the starting point for new ideas and innovations.