Equal-Pay Analysis with Logib

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Since July 1, 2020, companies with 100 or more employees are required by law to conduct an equal pay analysis every four years in Switzerland. For this purpose, the government provides all employers with the standard analysis tool LOGIB. Logib is free of charge, anonymous, and easy to use. To support the use of the tool, the Federal Office for Gender Equality (EBG) offers training courses for senior auditors. After the organization has completed the equal pay analysis, it has to schedule a review by an external body. Finally, the organization has to inform all employees, and in the case of listed companies, also shareholders, about the results of the equal pay analysis.


Especially in the innovation sector, equal pay for equal work is a fundamental condition for equal opportunities and for promoting talents. The equal pay analysis provides an objectively measurable basis for a fact-based discussion about salaries and identifies areas where adjustments are needed. Even for companies with fewer than 100 employees, voluntarily conducting a regular equal pay analysis can make sense to uncover inequalities in the salary structure and to create transparency with respect to wages. The standard analysis tool Logib mainly analyses gender equality. However, depending on the workforce structure, it may also include other diversity characteristics.

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