The Toolkit: Women & Diversity in Innovation was developed at the Institute for Research and Development of Collaborative Processes at FHNW School of Applied Psychology. The Federal Office for Gender Equality supports the project with financial aid according to the Gender Equality Act. Six innovative companies took part in the pilot to develop the toolkit.


Prof. Dr. Brigitte Liebig, Toolkit: Women & Diversity in Innovation

Prof. Dr. Brigitte Liebig

Prof. Dr. Brigitte Liebig works as a psychologist and sociologist on topics in the field of gender & diversity, work, and organization. Her research focuses on the prerequisites for cooperation and innovation in companies.




MSc Debora Mittner, Toolkit: Women & Diversity in Innovation

Dorian Mittner, MSc

Dorian Mittner is a psychologist with several years of experience in academic research, organizational development, and digital commu-nication. In addition, they're committed to LGBTIQ and women's rights.




Prof. Dr. Pietro Morandi, Toolkit: Women & Diversity in Innovation

Prof. Dr. Pietro Morandi

Prof. Dr. Pietro Morandi is an economist and social scientist focusing on entrepreneurship and innovation. He coaches start-up teams in transition between research and market and promotes "Female Entrepreneurship".





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Development Partnerships

The following companies participated in the pilot to develop the toolkit: