Welcome Netcetera

As a globally active software company with its headquarters in Zurich, Netcetera operates in 15 locations across seven countries. This international cooperation offers a wealth of opportunities for mutual exchange and learning.


In a collaboration with the University of Applied Psychology FHNW on the pilot for the Toolkit: Women & Diversity in Innovation, Netcetera has set itself the goal of bringing a breath of fresh air into its existing processes by recruiting new talents. The exchange between employees with different backgrounds should be cultivated on an eye-to-eye level. To promote this openness from the beginning, Netcetera has developed the tool “Welcome Netcetera”. In a workshop during the onboarding process, new employees are motivated to share their experiences, ask questions, and make suggestions for improvement. This will encourage new employees in particular and those with less professional experience to voice their opinions and contribute new ideas.


The instrument was integrated into Netcetera’s monthly orientation program making it available throughout the company. The procedures and supporting materials were then translated into English and digitized. In the long term, “Welcome Netcetera” is intended to contribute to promoting an innovation-friendly corporate culture across locations and countries.