Ideas Competition: KETAG

Image by KETAG

Küffer Elektro-Technik AG (KETAG) in Kirchberg employs around 35 people, including men and women from different age groups. The SME reached the final round of the Swiss Innovation Challenge 2017 with its innovation project ‘ketag 4.0’, which focuses on the digital maintenance of existing machines and systems by way of “predictive maintenance”.


As part of the pilot for the Toolkit: Women & Diversity in Innovation, KETAG has set itself the goal of promoting a culture of innovation by creating a spirit of change within the company and using the firm’s existing diversity for innovation. One of the biggest current challenges is how to fully digitalize technical and operational processes, which particularly involves integrating sensors into existing facilities and automating the reporting and support system. With the announcement of an internal ideas competition, we helped lay the groundwork for strengthening the autonomy and agility of teams. This format is designed to encourage employees to share their expertise and contribute their skills to develop innovative approaches to solutions. This way, KETAG aims to pick up on and adopt new ideas faster in the future.