Diversity in Design Sprint: ti&m

Image by ti&m

As the leading provider of digitalization, security and innovation projects and products in Switzerland, ti&m develops digital solutions for the finance and technology sector. More than 435 engineers, designers, and consultants are currently employed in offices at Zurich, Bern, Frankfurt am Main, and Singapore.


Innovation formats at ti&m range from intensive one-day workshops and one-week design sprints to “innovation garages” lasting several weeks. The goal is to jointly develop an interconnected solution in which all user groups see themselves represented, instead of many independent individual solutions. The company incorporates diversity aspects into the process in the various phases of planning and this includes carrying out a “design sprint”. This starts with mixed staffing based on available employees: thus, the project team, which includes project management, lead technicians, and UX- designers, is composed in as multidisciplinary a way as possible. Aspects of diversity such as gender, age group, and origin are also considered.


The work of ti&m focuses on an optimal user experience for end customers when they use the developed software. For this purpose, ti&m creates a series of personas that represent all potential users in their diversity. During testing, the solution is evaluated by actual users. Based on insights gained from this testing, the personas are modified if, for example, additional needs are identified. Making the decision-making process easy to follow ensures a transparent and fair innovation process: to select a “base prototype” for further development, ti&m holds a vote among the participants in which all ideas are evaluated according to a consistent and clearly understood points system. In most cases, the result matches the consensus arising from discussions, but any discrepancies may also provide invaluable evidence for final adjustments.