Company Brain

Image by Fabio Bracht on Unsplash

Effort: ⚒⚒

Cost: $$

Timeframe: ⏲⏲

Participants: Employees of all levels


The introduction of this interactive solution should be accompanied by preliminary workshops that include the entire workforce. Allow enough time for the algorithm to learn and for employees to experiment with the new tool in their daily work. Close monitoring and regular mutual exchange of experience in using the tool will help to improve its use continually. When selecting your “company brain”, rely on an established provider that offers smooth integration with existing collaboration tools and continuously develops its product.


It becomes almost impossible for managers to keep track of all employees’ current competencies and areas of expertise once the organization reaches a certain size. When time is limited, employees tend to fall back into old habits when looking for knowledge, which constrains new and creative ideas. This is where artificial intelligence can support an optimal flow of information in the form of a “company brain”. Digital solutions based on machine learning connect those employees who can best benefit from each other’s knowledge. This digital solution improves interdisciplinary networking and activates untapped innovation potential. The Company Brain can be particularly useful in development processes for companies with a large number of specialized experts. The tool will become more effective over time as it continues to evolve.

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