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Effort: ⚒⚒

Cost: $$

Timeframe: ⏲⏲

Participants: Employees of all levels


Even though there is no objective justification for it, people often unconsciously associate various diversity characteristics (such as age, origin, gender, or sexual orientation) with certain personality traits or abilities. Participants in an awareness training learn to consider and actively challenge certain concepts through case studies from daily life and self-reflection activities. Participants can learn new ways of thinking and learn how to cope with situations through group conversations and role-play.


Through awareness training, managers and employees in research & development become aware of the impact of (perceived) diversity characteristics on their attitudes. Participants are also exposed to alternative viewpoints and taught how to deal constructively with stereotypes and biases in the workplace. Increased awareness leads to a more transparent and inclusive environment. Members of various diversity groups are treated equally in all matters and can contribute their ideas and accomplishments to innovation processes.

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